Who We've Worked With...

A. C. Hardy,

Executive Director,

Hero Harbor, Inc.

Christopher White,

Executive Director,

BrightPoint Wellness Center, (Behavioral Healthcare)

Joslyn Jackson,

J. J. Business Attorney and Consultant

Alice Williams,


AMW Acquisition and Consulting Group, LLC

Dan Fowler,


American Technologies, Inc.

LaTonya Whitman Ammons, President,

The Marmoni Group, LLC (Strategy & Business Development)

Bernard Davis, President, XceedNetworks,

(Information Technology)

Dr. Diane Daniels Adoma Consulting LLC

(Small Business Training and Strategies)

Michael H. Smith,


Destiny International Ministries

Cedric Drayton, Principal, 2dtDesigns, Architectural Firm

Everett Carolina, Councilmember,

Georgetown County, SC

Charles D. James,

Senior VP,

SouthStar Capital Finance

Herbert Guzman,


Health Alliance Partners, LLC, (Physical Fitness and Therapy)

Milo Hall, Principal,

Etionne Enterprise, Inc. (Accounting & Finance)

Regina Harris,


Decennium Management Group, LLC (DMG)

Charles ‘Tank’ Harris, President/Founder,

Wealth Our Way, (WOW) (Financial Consultants)

Tarryn Sampson,

T & S Tax & Accounting Services

Troy Chapman,


Chapman & Johnson,

(Affordable Housing Development)

Uriel Johnson,

Principal & VP,

Research & Evaluation,


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