Our Referral Process

Immediate Care

Here are severe behavioral, emotional, and/or substance abuse problems that need to be addressed immediately:


There is an imminent risk of being removed from their current home or school.

They may be at risk of harming themselves or someone else if the behavior continues.

They have tried lower levels of care with little or no improvement.


Please use this form for all referrals

Request Service

To request our services, please download and fill out the BrownStoneCHC Referral Form.


This will help us evaluate your needs and allow us to create a customized plan of action to help promote your resiliency and health functioning. When a consumer is referred to BrownStoneCHC or self-referred, within 24 hrs the referral goes to the assessment department.


Referrals can be made through the BrownStoneCHC website (www.brownstonechc.com), by faxing in a referral sheet to

(240) 297-6292, by calling BrownStoneCHC directly at (240) 297-6228, or through our BrownStoneCHC staff when out in the community.


After receipt of the referral and eligibility determination, the referral goes to the assessment department where the assessment manager reviews the information and assigns the referral to an assessor for contact with the consumer/family within 24 hours.


An assessor calls to schedule a time to complete the Behavioral Health Assessment and Individual Service Plan (ISP).


Within 3 calendar days of the assessment completion, it is then forwarded to the treatment team, which consists of a therapist and 2 paraprofessionals, who facilitate services on the consumer’s ISP.


Referral sources then receive bi-weekly updates via email and/or phone.

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