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Support Services 
  • Intellectual and Developmental 

  • Children’s Services 

  • Adult Day and Residential Services 

  • Adult Vocational Services 

  • Support Services 

  • Community Living Support (CLS) 

  • Community Residential Alternative (CRA) 

  • Respite Care Individualized Community Access (CAI) 

  • Group Community Access (CAG) 

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Jean’s Place, Inc. (JP) is a State of Georgia registered nonprofit dedicated to the goal of providing children and adults who have Intellectual and Developmental Disability (IDD)the opportunities to make choices which will maximize their skill development, independence, and integration into community life. At the core of all the agency’s services is the deeply held belief in the development of the individual. JP believes that all people can learn and that all people – in spite of any disability – can make meaningful choices about their lives. 

Mission Statement 

Jean’s Place is committed to providing person-centered services and supports to children and adults who have IDD. The goal of these services and supports is to promote independence, community involvement, and quality of life. 

Guiding Principles 


Jean’s Place will: 

• Provide individually-designed services and supports which will maximize: (a) independent decision-making capabilities; (b) integration into community life; and, (c) daily living, educational, and work-related skills. 


• Advocate for the rights and entitlements of persons with IDD, demonstrate our commitment to these rights by always treating those who use our services, and their families, with dignity and respect. 


• Engage in community outreach and public education to further awareness of the Agency’s services and the contributions made by persons with IDD. 


• Establish relationships with community and governmental organizations involved with services and funding for people with IDD. 


• Attract, train and retain staff who are committed to providing services of consistently high quality, who are compensated fairly for their work and who are treated with respect. 


• Operate the agency in a manner which demonstrates adherence to high ethical standards and assures financial stability and thereby protect the ongoing ability to carry out the Agency’s Mission. 


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