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TBSToo has established ‘A Family Development and Enhancement Collaborative’ (FD&EC), a coalition of agencies working together to administer supportive services for prevention and re-citizenship for youth and adults. 

The collaborative plans to implement a full service Family Development & Enhancement Center’s in the Atlanta metropolitan communities of Georgia. FD&EC has identified juveniles and female adult recipients as those who require assistance in lieu of incarceration or transitioning back into society after release from prison. Utilizing the proposed interventions, 

FD&EC’s programs are designed to decrease recidivism, substance abuse use, and increase participants’ skill level, and address social service needs. The Goals are designed to support the major goals identified in the Memorandum of Agreement between the United States Government and the State of Georgia concerning the treatment of institutionalized persons. 

The Family Development & Enhancement Center will utilize a three-tiered approach to comprehensive service delivery. Tier 1 – Intake and Assessment; Tier 2 – Health and Wellness, and Tier 3 – Educational & Training Services. 

Also, we will look at specialize services for the following populations; 


  •  Transitional Housing 
    • Human Trafficking
    • Foster Care
      • Emergency Shelter 
      • Respite for Foster Care Parents 

    •  Independent Living (18 – 22 year old’s) 

  • Seniors 

  • Veterans

    • Day Services 

  • Case Management and Support Services for Families ​

Family Development & Enhancement Collaborative

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